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Problem: Your computer login or network are running horribly slow.
Solution: If it’s taking ages to log in you should check your DNS is the domain DNS, usually one of your DC servers. If the network itself is running extremely slow, make sure you haven’t connected two cables to the same switch and created a loop. This is very dangerous indeed, and can even cause the hardware switch to fail through over-use. If in doubt, get an expert in!
Problem: You have too many servers, they’re getting old and the vendor hasn’t provided a warranty.
Solution: Space and power savings plus better efficiency means more businesses than ever are changing to a VMware system. When you replace your servers with one or more physical servers running multiple virtual servers, you save space. Because the hardware is newer it’s easier to protect your system if a physical server goes down, and you suffer minimal downtime. It’s surprisingly simple to migrate your existing network server without any downtime at all. Just ask.
Problem: BT is very expensive, and when you move premises you lose your business phone numbers. It means you have to give your customers and suppliers a new set of contact numbers, which is far from ideal.
Solution: A virtual PBX, AKA a VPBX, is the answer. We can easily port all your BT numbers over to our excellent cloud-based phone system. Which means they’re protected if you move premises, decide to work from home or even move abroad. As a result your customers and suppliers will always be able to find you. If that sounds sensible, let’s talk.

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